Zip bags

One of the classifications of ZIP bags is the method of closure: slide zipper bags or push-seal zipper bags. Identifying the optimal type of ZIP bags depends a lot on what type of product you intend to keep in the bag. On the other hand, there are heavy-duty resealable zipper bags, these types of bags are ideal protectors for those items that can be easily destroyed.

Product code Dimension [mm] Thickness [micron] Colour
NTE-ZIP-A1A0 40x60 40 Transparent
NTE-ZIP-A3A0 60x80 40 Transparent
NTE-ZIP-A5A0 70x100 40 Transparent
NTE-ZIP-A7A0 80x120 40 Transparent
NTE-ZIP-A9A0 100x150 40 Transparent
NTE-ZIP-A11A0 150x200 40 Transparent
NTE-ZIP-A13A0 150x220 40 Transparent
NTE-ZIP-A15A0 180x250 40 Transparent
NTE-ZIP-A17A0 200x300 40 Transparent
NTE-ZIP-A19A0 230x310 40 Transparent
NTE-ZIP-A21A0 250x350 40 Transparent
NTE-ZIP-A23A0 300x400 40 Transparent

Contact us and we will select for you a product that is most suitable for your production based on your production characteristics and expectations for the final product.